Dr. Paul Louis Metzger speaks at Mt. Angel Seminary

In January, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger was invited to speak at Mt. Angel Seminary during their Christian Unity Week. The Mt. Angel students, staff, and faculty were wonderfully welcoming hosts and engaging participants. See the video of Dr. Metzger’s talk below:


  1. Nadia

    I pray that the Lord would continue to increase supporters to what you do, Paul! You are speaking for all of us who desire Christian unity with fellow followers of Christ worldwide, whatever their church affiliation. You are carrying a heavy burden in this kind of public ministry which exposes you to the kind of criticism which the rest of us, who are not in “public” minsitry, are exempt from. I trust that the Lord would refresh your spirit as you follow His calling and use the gift and experience the Lord has given you. As for what you said – well, I don’t have anything to add or subtract. Thank you for making the video available!

  2. Cooky Wall

    We enjoyed such a delightful evening of rich engagement with everyone but most especially the students around our dinner table at Mt. Angel Seminary. Indeed, we were so blessed by their hospitality. We had never been to the campus, and it is remarkably beautiful. I never did find out who won the Mt. Angel v. Multnomah basketball game that weekend. :-)

  3. Ross Halbach

    I appreciated the point Paul made concerning the Reformation not being the final word. Christ is the final word. When I think about it this way, it gives me the feeling that Evangelicals and Catholics can move forward together in dialogue.

    Can you imagine the beauty of the Christian Church if you could combine the strengths of the Evangelical church with those of the Catholic church? That is what I am praying for, and I am glad to see Paul and others from New Wine become an answer to that prayer.