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Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: Building Bridges to Neighbors and Neighborhoods

New Wine’s fall conference, Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: Building Bridges to Neighbors and Neighborhoods was held Saturday, September 26th at Mosaic Church. The conference highlighted the profound evangelistic and missional approach generated by Dr. Joe Aldrich’s classic book Lifestyle Evangelism and what lifestyle evangelism looks like in the 21st century.

This jam-packed day of thoughtful enrichment included presentations, workshops, and panels by Paul Louis Metzger (New Wine, New Wineskins, Multnomah Biblical Seminary at Multnomah University), John Morehead (Western Institute for Intercultural Studies), Rusty Pritchard (Flourish), Mike Abbaté (Urban Design & Planning Director, Gresham), Clark Blakeman (Second Stories), Tony Kriz (New Wine, New Wineskins), Caleb Rosado (Warner Pacific College), Gary Tribbett (Compassion Connect), Brad Harper (New Wine, New Wineskins), Dan Merchant (Lord, Save Us From Your Followers), Cliff Chappell (New Wine, New Wineskins), Steve Baker (Southwest Washington Medical Center), Derek Chinn (New Wine, New Wineskins), Roger Trautmann (Multnomah Biblical Seminary at Multnomah University), Rachel O’Brien (New Wine, New Wineskins) and more!

Click here to see the complete conference schedule.

Click here to see a complete list of workshops offered at the conference.

Conference audio recordings are now available! Click below to download any of the plenary talks, panels, or workshops presented at the conference.

Plenary Session 1
Reframing Gospel Witness: Beyond Ned Flanders and the Fascists with Paul Louis Metzger
NEIGHBOR Subjective Life Spiritualities and Post-Christiandom Missions with John Morehead
NEIGHBORHOOD Neighboring, Community Development, and Sidewalks in the Kingdom with Rusty Pritchard
PUBLIC SQUARE Accountable to God While Answering to the People with Mike Abbaté
Panel with Paul Louis Metzger, Rusty Pritchard, and John Morehead

Workshops 1
NEIGHBOR From Cults to Cultures: Bridges, Grounded, and Transitions as a Case Study in a New Evangelical Paradigm on New Religions with John Morhead
NEIGHBORHOOD Together in Story; Holistic Proclamation with Clark Blakeman
PUBLIC SQUARE The Lost Art of Place-making: What We Build Shapes How We Love with Rusty Pritchard

Plenary Session 2
NEIGHBOR Practicing Faith Together with Tony Kriz
NEIGHBORHOOD From Duality to Oneness: A Fresh Perspective on Neighborhoods with Caleb Rosado
PUBLIC SQUARE Lord, Save Us From Your Followers with Dan Merchant
Panel with Paul Louis Metzger, Roger Trautmann, Tony Kriz, Caleb Rosado, and Dan Merchant

Workshops 2
NEIGHBOR The Life of a Friend: the Dynamics of Verbal and Non-Verbal Evangelism with Tony Kriz
NEIGHBORHOOD Which Way to the Future? with Caleb Rosado
PUBLIC SQUARE I Am Dobson: Converting Societal Structures with Paul Louis Metzger

Workshops 3
NEIGHBOR Won’t You Be My Neighbor? with Benjamin Hanson & Rachel O’Brien, New Wine Interns
NEIGHBORHOOD Uniting to Serve: Churches Working Together to Demonstrate the Love of Christ through Unity and Service with Gary Tribbett
PUBLIC SQUARE Church-Based Medicine for the Underserved, Evangelism, and Engaging the Structures of Healthcare with Steve Baker

Plenary Session 3
Panel with Paul Louis Metzger, Roger Trautmann, Rusty Pritchard, John Morehead, Clark Blakeman, Tony Kriz, Caleb Rosado, Benjamin Hanson, Rachel O’Brien, Ronaldo Sison, Gary Tribbett, Steve Baker, and Brad Harper


  1. Trena Gravem

    Where do I click to register for the conference? I’m ready to register but can’t see how or where to do it on-line! Tomorrow is the deadline for the $20 General Public fee, which is me. Please respond a.s.a.p. with instructions on how to register. Thanks!
    Trena Gravem

  2. Beyth Hogue GreenetzBeyth Hogue

    The registration form can be found at the bottom of the event page, by clicking the bold “registration form” link. If you still experience problems finding the form, please e-mail newwine@multnomah.edu to request the form by e-mail attachment. Looking forward to seeing you on September 26th!

  3. Beyth Hogue GreenetzBeyth Hogue

    Check back on Wednesday for a list of workshops.

    We HOPE to offer audio files after the conference, but cannot guarantee their availability.

  4. Lindsey Smith

    THANK YOU New Wine Ministry! Once again your latest conference was a homerun! The presenters, discussions and workshops were phenomenal! I’m grateful to be a part of this ministry and to continue to champion it amongst my friends, peers and church family as it speaks so deeply to my heart and challenges me to continue growing — that I may live the gospel wholistically with Christ’s sacrificial love. Thank you for ALL your hours of investment, planning, prayer and preparation. It was a powerful and humbling day and God is continuing to work in my mind and heart as I continue to reflect and process all that was shared at the conference.

  5. Judy Jensen

    I was totally challenged by the conference of the past weekend and in particular by Dr. Metzger’s workshop entitled “I am Dobson”. Being theologically conservative, my husband and I left the Presbyterian church a few years ago and joined the Baptist. . . of late we have become more and more disenchanted with their conservatism and have become self-righteously liberal or left . . . I have been building a lot of safe little boxes and cubicles and placing people, ideas and concepts in those boxes – all neat and tidy. . . . all making me feel better about my compassionate and loving “liberal” views!?!?!?! Dr. Metzger, along with other speakers at the conference, tore down the walls of those boxes forcing me to think below the surface and in a broader manner. I am no longer comfortable or self-righteous . . . and I didn’t sleep well at all Saturday night. Perhaps the saying “if you’re not going to be part of the answer, you are part of the problem” fits my current position in the church we are presently attending.