Paul Louis Metzger

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Dr. Paul Louis Metzger is the Founder and Director of The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins. He serves as New Wine’s catalyst for cultivating a community of people brought together around a shared vision of bearing witness to Christ in contemporary culture. The New Wine, New Wineskins framework is integrated into Dr. Metzger’s courses at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, where he serves as Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture. New Wine is an official program of the Seminary. Dr. Metzger is editor of the journal Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture, which is a publication of The Institute for the Theology of Culture. Dr. Metzger blogs frequently at Uncommon God, Common Good (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/uncommongodcommongood/).

Integrating theology and spirituality with cultural sensitivity stands at the center of Dr. Metzger’s ministry vision. He and his wife, Mariko, a native of Japan, have been active in intercultural ministry in churches in the States, Japan, and England. Dr. Metzger is the author of Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths (Thomas Nelson, May 2012); New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement (Cascade, 2011); The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town (InterVarsity Press, 2010); Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction (co-authored with Brad Harper; Brazos, 2009); Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church (Eerdmans, 2007); and The Word of Christ and the World of Culture: Sacred and Secular through the Theology of Karl Barth (Eerdmans, 2003). He is co-editor of A World for All?: Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (co-edited with William F. Storrar and Peter J. Casarella; Eerdmans, 2011); and editor of Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology (T&T Clark International, 2005). Dr. Metzger is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey. The Metzgers have two children. Dr. Metzger has a keen interest in the art of Katsushika Hokusai and Georges Rouault and in the writings of John Steinbeck.

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  1. Social Darwinism, Richard Dawkins and Down syndrome
  2. Gated Communities and the Visible/Invisible Church
  3. What’s Wrong with Justice? Addressing Some Christian and Buddhist Concerns
  4. Can’t Pimp Jesus
  5. Who Is to Blame for the “Jihad Generation”?
  6. Your Ultimate Concern Is Your God
  7. Sunday Morning Reflections on “Mu” and the Resurrection at Ganshoin
  8. The Blood of the Martyrs & the Seed of the Church, Love and Tolerance
  9. Thoughts on Diversity in Japan and the United States
  10. What Makes Someone a Person and not a Thing?
  11. Imagine a World without Forgiveness
  12. The Holy of Holies
  13. The Rabbit Hole Revisited
  14. Cosmic Mystery and Purpose
  15. Uncommon Common People
  16. How Sorry Are We?
  17. Jesus and the Rabbit Hole
  18. Morality and Profit
  19. The Gentrified Church—Paved with Good Intentions?
  20. Share Jesus’ Prayer
  21. Crash
  22. HIV/AIDS and the Health of Our Souls
  23. Did Lincoln Die in Vain?
  24. “Good Will Hunting” & Hunting for Fathers
  25. Whose Side Is God On?
  26. Religious Freedoms and the Golden Rule
  27. How Can the Church Guard against a Fortress Mentality?
  28. The Crucified God Confronts Gendercide
  29. Only He Who Cries Out For The Victims Of Pornography May Sing Gregorian Chants
  30. Messiah Complexes: Who Will Save the World from You and Me?
  31. Manifest Destiny and the Kingdom of God: How Do You Discern the Spirit of the Age from the Spirit of Jesus on Mission?
  32. Drive-By Evangelism & the Incarnation
  33. God Is Missional
  34. Happy Fifth Anniversary, Patheos! From Uncommon God, Common Good
  35. What Is the Church—A Faith-Based Emporium or Christ’s Kingdom Community?
  36. If the World Were to End Tomorrow, What Would You Do Today?
  37. What Kind of “Asian” Are You?
  38. Christian Survival Kits in a Post-Christendom Society, Part II
  39. What Would Have Changed If Jesus Had Not Risen From The Dead?
  40. Holy Saturday–Buried Alive?
  41. Maundy Thursday: Last Supper, Last Stand
  42. Good Friday and the “Man in Black”
  43. Jesus’ Open Posture and “The Open Table”
  44. The Lord’s Supper—A Heavenly Happy Meal?
  45. Racial Fatigue and Energized Suffering
  46. Christian Survival Kits in a Post-Christendom Society, Part I
  47. Undying Friendship and a Buddhist Memorial
  48. The Cross & the Swoosh
  49. “Breaking Bad” and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  50. Jesus’ Uniqueness and Various Shades of Napoleon Gray
  51. Evangelicals, Same-Sex Marriage & Wedding Cakes: Are Evangelicals Trying to Have Their Cake and Eat It, Too?
  52. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Cult of Personality
  53. Karl Barth & Genies in Bottles
  54. Globalization: A World Full of Seinfeld’s Close Talkers?
  55. Will Jesus Return as Alec Baldwin’s Character in the movie “Glengarry, Glen Ross”?
  56. Nietzsche—Christians’ Friend or Foe?
  57. The New Phariseeism—Performance-Based Spirituality?
  58. The Big 50—Sober Birthday Reflections
  59. Jacob’s Ladder and Stairways to Heaven
  60. Do You Want to Make a Million Bucks as a Christian Writer? Consider Writing Your Own Religion.
  61. Ecclesiology Is Not a Disease. Informed Churches Help Guard Against Spiritual Diseases, Part II
  62. Corporate Takeover: Reflections on the Movie “Her”
  63. What Is a Person?
  64. From Indulgences to Indulgent Love: Beyond Johann Tetzel and Marilyn Manson
  65. How Hegelian Is Christianity?
  66. The Voiceless’ Voice
  67. Sins of Commission and Omission: Reflections on King, Edwards, King David and Us
  68. Should Prostitution Be Legalized?
  69. Life Together in the Land of Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Donald Miller and the Northwest Church
  70. Ideological Totalitarians—Kiss and Make Up
  71. Moving Beyond Extremes to Gospel-Centered Love
  72. On Matters of Religion Today, Is Everyone from Missouri—“Show-Me”?
  73. Is God a Child Abuser?
  74. Targeting “Target Audience” Language in Church Growth
  75. Are We Really More Than Matter? Reflections on Kant’s Two Story Universe
  76. “Avatar” and the Abuse of Western Powers–More Than Fiction
  77. Is It Okay to Privatize Public Beaches?
  78. Sifting Through and Crossing Out Dichotomies about Jesus and His Cross
  79. What Liturgy Shapes Your Church?
  80. How Moral Is Religion?
  81. Can Money Buy Justice?
  82. Casual Sex and Casual Faith
  83. Producers, Consumers and Communers
  84. Religion, Church and Private Language Games
  85. Gospel Freedom: How Free Are We? Beyond Entitlement Thinking
  86. Recapitulation: Jesus Is No Bobble-Headed Doll or Dashboard Crucifix
  87. How Seriously Do We Take Jesus’ Words on the Need for Christian Unity?
  88. What Is Enlightenment? Dare to Think!
  89. Unfinished Business
  90. Boast In Christ, Not Name Brands
  91. Bring It Home with John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”
  92. “I Love Jesus, But Not My Mother.”
  93. Good Shepherds in an Age of Charismatic Preaching and Cutting Edge Marketing
  94. Which Does Jesus Like More—Old Wine or New Wine?
  95. How Does the Pagan Play “Rent” Bear Witness to Christ?
  96. Christian America and the Cruciform Church
  97. Why Is the West the Best?
  98. On the Damaging Dualism of Proclamation vs. Demonstration
  99. How Relational Is Your Worldview?
  100. Simmering Thoughts on Smaug: Why the Enduring Fascination with Dragons?
  101. New Year Reflections on “Dust in the Wind”
  102. We Don’t Need to Be Cave Dwellers Anymore
  103. What Makes Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” a Classic?
  104. Advent Justice: Get Messed Up in the Mundane
  105. Mother Mary and Single Moms
  106. Advent Justice: God Embodies Justice
  107. Advent Justice: Little People Loom Large to God
  108. Advent Justice: Embrace the Mystery
  109. Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Makoto Fujimura’s Faith
  110. Downward Mobility and Trickle-Up Economics: A Trinitarian Reflection on Money and Power
  111. Green Christmas: Richard Dawkins, Meet John of Damascus
  112. Nelson Mandela: Troublemaker for Peace
  113. What Can Dave Ramsey’s Evangelicals Learn from Ebenezer Scrooge?
  114. Ayn Rand, Christians and Altruism
  115. Why Do We Call Today “Black Friday”?
  116. A Thanksgiving Reflection: God’s Gracious Love Fosters an Ethic of Gratitude
  117. Why the Trinitarian God Matters in Multi-Faith Discourse
  118. Lifeway’s Apology for ‘Rickshaw Rally’ Creates Space for Deeper Conversations on Race
  119. Humanize Religion: A Seminary Class Discussion with a Pagan and a Former Druid
  120. Trustworthy Rivals: On an Alternative Path to Multi-Faith Discourse
  121. Reconciliation Is More Than a Hugathon, Part 2
  122. When Does a Child Grow Up?
  123. Reforming Our Understanding of Romans 13 on Immigration Reform
  124. Reconciliation Is More Than a Hugathon
  125. Jesus’ Hands Halt Oppression and Offer Forgiveness
  126. Is the Cross the Crux of the Divide between Christianity and Islam?
  127. The Multi-Ethnic Church Movement – Not Some Fad, More Than a Conference
  128. Cancer Can’t Keep You Down: Presiding Thoughts about My President
  129. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Social Solidarity and Gang Violence
  130. ’12 Years a Slave’ — Could It Happen Again?
  131. Burdened by the Burden of Proof: From Eve to Marissa Alexander
  132. Just Thinking about Justice: Humility is the Best Policy
  133. Uncomfortably Numb on Health Care Reform
  134. Theological Health and Healthcare
  135. The High Costs of Healthcare in the Free Market
  136. Myths We Live By? Voter Fraud & Jim Crow Dead and Gone
  137. Aborting Healthcare for the Human Unborn
  138. A Healthcare Conundrum? Hip Replacements for the Terminally Ill
  139. The Voting Rights Act and Post-Racialized America—Can We Vote on That?
  140. Beyond Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act: Caring for Healthcare Complexities
  141. The Emperor’s Subjects Have No Clothes
  142. The Court of Law and the Court of Public Opinion: Before Baby Veronica and Beyond
  143. Patch Adams–Patching Up Health Care Across the Board
  144. The Most Dangerous Force in the World
  145. Stamping Out Food Stamps and Trampling on the Poor
  146. The Divine Trinity: Beyond Monads, Irrelevant Mysteries and Scrambled Eggs
  147. You Don’t Have to Be in Make-Up to Be a Clown
  148. We Shall Overcome
  149. The Christian Faith & Many Faiths: On the Great Commandments and the Great Commission, Part II
  150. Christ’s Blood—Thicker than Brand
  151. How Credible Are We on Syria?
  152. Healthy Questions on Healthcare Reform
  153. Hipsters, Divine Providence and PBR
  154. I Have a Dream Today
  155. Instead of Divide and Conquer, Let’s Conquer the Divide
  156. Born Free. Live Free.
  157. Gatorade, Gunfire and the Good Samaritan
  158. “The Buddhists Are Coming! The Buddhists Are Coming!”
  159. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  160. On Ayn Rand: Is Rational Selfishness Rational and Self-Affirming Enough?, Part 2
  161. Beyond Cultural Monopolies to the Multifaceted Gospel
  162. Was Moses a Feminist?
  163. On Ayn Rand: Is Rational Selfishness Rational and Self-Affirming Enough?
  164. Are We Called by God, Coerced or Coercing?
  165. The Evangelical Women We Don’t Know—and Need to Know
  166. The Christian Faith & Many Faiths: On the Great Commandments and the Great Commission, Part I
  167. The One and the Many
  168. Going Home
  169. Hawaiian Theology, Part III
  170. Hawaiian Theology, Part II
  171. Hawaiian Theology, Part I
  172. White Theology, Part III
  173. White Theology, Part II
  174. White Theology, Part I
  175. A Fourth of July Reflection: Taking Exception to American Exceptionalism
  176. My Top 5 Books on Evangelism
  177. Evangelicalism: Reframing a Fragmented Movement
  178. Why Did the Buddhists and the Evangelical Christians Cross the Road? To have a potluck.
  179. Multi-Faith Discourse: Beyond Lampoon Tract Propaganda
  180. Jesus Is No Midwife
  181. A Father’s Day Reflection: The Grand Prize of Simplicity
  182. If You Can’t Run with Men, How Will You Run with Horses?
  183. DMins, Not Demons
  184. An Evening with Dr. John M. Perkins: On the Twilight of Life and the Dawning of the Next
  185. The ABC’s of Predatory Proselytism: Always Be Closing
  186. Pulp Fiction and Divine Intervention: Fact or Fiction?
  187. Jackie Robinson’s 42: More Than a Number
  188. Idol Makers
  189. “Please Don’t Squeeze the Charmin!”: On Comparing Religions
  190. The Holy Mother’s Day All Year Long
  191. The Radical Middle & Fundamentalist Extremes: Crossing the Divide
  192. Charles Ramsey: Kidnapped Heroism Unleashed
  193. Documented and Undocumented “Parasites”
  194. Predatory Proselytism: The Hard Sell
  195. The Trayvon Martin Case: A Case for Race?
  196. Aborting Tim Tebow
  197. Biblical Relevance and Immigration Reform
  198. Off the Beaten Track with the Beat Poet
  199. Bombs at the Boston Marathon
  200. Breaking Bad
  201. Illegal Questions, Part II
  202. Illegal Questions, Part I
  203. Shooting from the Hip: Catholics, Evangelicals and Gun Control
  204. The Jesus Matrix and Mars Hill
  205. The Whipping Boy and “The Whipping Man”
  206. Holy Week & Holy Wars
  207. Evangelicals and the Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage
  208. Jim Crow Immigration Reform and Eating Crow
  209. Illegal Families
  210. Jim Morrison, the Reading Rainbow and the Rainbow of Jesus’ Love
  211. Papal Posture, Power Religion and the Poverty of Love
  212. I Am An Illegal Immigrant
  213. The Naked Public Square and a Multi-faith Wardrobe
  214. A Birthday Wish: Jesus, Buddha and the Non-Grasping Way
  215. Christian Zionism—Is It Biblical?
  216. The Sequester and Saturday Night Live
  217. Jesus, Darwin and Donald Trump, Part II
  218. The Justice Conference, Part 5: Justice Isn’t Sexy, But It’s Beautiful
  219. The Justice Conference, Part 4
  220. The Justice Conference, Part 3
  221. The Justice Conference, Part 2
  222. The Justice Conference, Part 1
  223. From Refugees to Citizens: What’s Next – Mosques and Temples?
  224. Popping Off on the Pope and Catholics and Paying Respects
  225. Valentine’s Day: The Far Journey of Our Lives
  226. The Heartbeat of Richard Twiss
  227. Evangelicals: Now’s the Time to Challenge President Obama’s Middle East Strategy
  228. Jesus, Darwin and Donald Trump
  229. Erosion: Christian Dominance in America, Not Freedom?
  230. Are Christian and Muslim Convictions Compatible with American Values?
  231. Christian-Muslim Whack Jobs and Work for the Common Good
  232. White Evangelicals, Islam and American Values
  233. People Are Strange
  234. Zero Dark Thirty and Zero Sum Gain
  235. How to Sustain Jesus’ Justice Movement, Part 4
  236. How to Sustain Jesus’ Justice Movement, Part 2
  237. Disease Neutralizes Racism
  238. “Hell’s Bells” and Lasik Eye Surgery
  239. Zombie Mania – How it Affects Us All
  240. New Year’s Resolutions in the Valley of Dry Bones
  241. Saying Goodbye to Entitlement Thinking and a Classless Society
  242. Falling Below the Poverty Line and Over the Fiscal Cliff
  243. God With Us
  244. Christmas Magic
  245. Consumerism, the Third Martini and the Terrorists
  246. Gold, Frankincense and an M16
  247. The World’s End: Nostradamus, NASA and the Chicago Cubs
  248. The Deaths of Innocents at School
  249. Uncommon Decency
  250. Mass Shootings
  251. Dos Equis Jesus
  252. How to Sustain Jesus’ Justice Movement
  253. Approaching the Alien with a Benevolent Spirit not an Alien Idea to President Bush—or to the Bible
  254. Cyber Bullying
  255. Warren Buffett to the Rescue: Follow His Lead and Invest in Character
  256. Lincoln: All the World’s a Stage—But Are You On It?
  257. Jeremiah Wright and Jeremiah of Old: Politically Correct or Prophetic Patriots?
  258. A Thanksgiving Meditation: Beyond Full Stomachs to Full Lives in Christ
  259. I Can’t Wait for Christian America to Die
  260. Blind Spots
  261. Where is Mordecai? The “You Lost Me” Generation Is Looking for Him
  262. The Elections, End Times and the Elect
  263. Beyond Tolerance to Tenacious Love
  264. New Doctor of Ministry Degree in Cultural Engagement
  265. Tax Exempt Gospel
  266. Boromir and the Ring of Power: Beyond Ideology to Incarnate Love
  267. Special Faith Claims and Special Interest Groups
  268. Producers, Consumers and Communers
  269. Urban Renewal, Negro Removal
  270. Success and Good Shepherding
  271. The Heart of the Matter
  272. I am loved by God, therefore I am.
  273. The Table
  274. Did Lincoln Die in Vain?
  275. The John 17:23 Network
  276. A Vulnerable Love
  277. Dr. Metzger interviewed on the Multi-Ethnic Church podcast
  278. Dr. Metzger has two new books out!
  279. New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement
  280. The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town
  281. Thoughts on the intersection of religion and sports
  282. Dr. Paul Louis Metzger interviews Tom Krattenmaker of USA Today on religion and sports