Meet the individuals behind the scenes at New Wine.

Paul Louis Metzger, Director

Dr. Paul Louis Metzger is the Founder and Director of The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins. He serves as New Wine’s catalyst for cultivating a community of people brought together around a shared vision of bearing witness to Christ in contemporary culture. The New Wine, New Wineskins framework is integrated into Dr. Metzger’s courses at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, where he serves as Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture. New Wine is an official program of the Seminary. Dr. Metzger is editor of the journal Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture, which is a publication of The Institute for the Theology of Culture. Dr. Metzger blogs frequently at Uncommon God, Common Good (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/uncommongodcommongood/).

Integrating theology and spirituality with cultural sensitivity stands at the center of Dr. Metzger’s ministry vision. He and his wife, Mariko, a native of Japan, have been active in intercultural ministry in churches in the States, Japan, and England. Dr. Metzger is the author of Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths (Thomas Nelson, May 2012); New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement (Cascade, 2011); The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town (InterVarsity Press, 2010); Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction (co-authored with Brad Harper; Brazos, 2009); Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church (Eerdmans, 2007); and The Word of Christ and the World of Culture: Sacred and Secular through the Theology of Karl Barth (Eerdmans, 2003). He is co-editor of A World for All?: Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (co-edited with William F. Storrar and Peter J. Casarella; Eerdmans, 2011); and editor of Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology (T&T Clark International, 2005). Dr. Metzger is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey. The Metzgers have two children. Dr. Metzger has a keen interest in the art of Katsushika Hokusai and Georges Rouault and in the writings of John Steinbeck.

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Beyth Hogue Greenetz, Administrative Coordinator

As the Administrative Coordinator for New Wine, Beyth has the unique privilege of having found the “sweet spot” where her skills and passions meet. She brings a history of event planning, an educational background in both theology and sociology, a fascinated interest in culture, and a restless heart for community.

The privilege of being kingdom-bearers is perhaps the most humbling and transformative opportunity in our Christian lives. Beyth praises God for the divine reality he manifests through New Wine and she eagerly awaits what he will reveal in the midst of our usually-willing hearts.

Outside of talking theology, Beyth loves to travel and see the way life is lived outside of Portland’s trendy enclave. But her heart always brings her happily back to Portland, yearning for a good cup of coffee and the embrace of loving community.

Faculty Committee

Dr. Baylis grew up on a farm in Michigan. While attending Dallas Theological Seminary for his doctoral work, he received the William M. Anderson Scholarship Award. He now enjoys challenging students to think through both biblical and systematic theology and to increase their interpretive skills in New Testament studies. While a faculty member at Multnomah Bible College, Dr. Baylis developed the M.A. in Biblical Studies program and chaired the theology department. He joined the seminary faculty in 1986, the same year his book, On the Way to Jesus: A Journey Through the Bible, was published. A revision and expansion of his book, retitled From Creation to the Cross, has been published by Zondervan.

In 1980 he co-founded Fellowship Bible Church in Sandy, Ore., and served as a pastor-teacher for 12 years. Theota, Dr. Baylis’ wife of 19 years, died in 1985. His second wife, Barbara, exchanged her plans of missionary work to help him finish raising his three children. More recently in 1998, God took home their eldest son, Al III, following a courageous five-year battle with bone cancer. Outside the classroom he enjoys classical and baroque music, golf, landscaping and roses.

After thirteen years as a pastor and church planter, Dr. Brad Harper has been Associate Professor of Theology at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon since 1999. Dr. Harper also serves as Book Review Editor for Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture and is a member of the Editorial Board. He earned the B.A. from Biola University, the M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology, and the Ph.D. from Saint Louis University.

Dr. Harper’s publications include Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction, co-authored with Dr. Paul Louis Metzger; “The Kingdom of God in George Eldon Ladd as a Theological Foundation for the Role of the Church in Society,” in God and Caesar (Camp Hill, 1994); “Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A Chance to Talk,” in The Ministerial Forum of the Evangelical Free Church, vol. 6 (1995); and “Larry Norman, Literature, and Listening for God in Pop Culture: A Response to Stanley Grenz: ‘(Pop) Culture: Playground of the Spirit or Diabolical Device?'” in Vol. 1, No. 1 of Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture (2004).

Originally from California, Dr. Chinn ended up in Oregon for school and moved to Portland for work. After God turned his vocational plans upside down, he ended up in full-time ministry. He is a teaching elder at the church he first pastored after graduating from Multnomah. Derek is the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Distance Education. He is actively engaged in issues concerning the multiethnic church, and leads a local area multiethnic ministry network. Derek’s dissertation is about creating a multiethnic church by merging congregations, and he has written and presented on various topics concerning multiethnic ministry. He and his wife have five kids, and provide shelter for a dog, a couple of fish, turtle and rat. Derek rests by hanging out with his family, reading, playing soccer and BBQ (cooking & eating!).

Dr. Domani Pothen was born in Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, in Southern India. She received her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala in 1900, and her master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Pune, Maharashtra, in 1993. She earned her Doctor of Arts from Idaho State University.

Dr. Pothen teaches in Multnomah University’s English department, preparing students to read courteously, write thoughtfully, and attend to the human condition carefully.

Upon graduating from Multnomah in 1994, Greg Burch left to serve street-living children and youth in Caracas, Venezuela through a small grass-roots organization (and later through the Latin America Mission). In part, the ministry focused on developing relationships with homeless children and youth who were living in desperate situations on the street. They later established homes and a center where young people could live and be transformed. After a number of years in Caracas, the Burches moved to Costa Rica where Dr. Burch taught in a seminary and focused on training Latin American missionaries going into a number of different contexts including creative access countries. This also included starting a training program for those working with children at risk around the world.

Dr. Burch earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He teaches at Multnomah University as Chair of the Intercultural Studies Department and Director of the M.A. in Global Development and Justice Program. Dr. Burch is married to Christina and they have two children and a Costa Rican street dog named Bella.

Prof. Kristen Hubert earned her B.S. from the University of Colorado, an M.A. from Colorado State University, and another M.A. from Multnomah University. During her senior year at the University of Colorado, she began tutoring international students. She quickly realized she very much enjoyed the combination of teaching and intercultural ministry and decided to pursue a graduate degree in TESOL. While pursuing her graduate degree, she taught English at Colorado State University. After graduating she began teaching at Ohio University where she spent the next three years. Ohio U. then asked her to consider teaching at the university’s sister school, Chubu University in Kasugai, Japan. She went, fell in love with the people, and taught there for six years before coming to Multnomah. She has loved teaching both ESL students and Multnomah students studying to be ESL teachers. Teaching is a wonderful profession filled with challenges, growth, joy, constant learning, and wonderful relationships.

Prof. Hubert serves at Multnomah as Director of the M.A. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Program and teaches in Intercultural Studies – TESOL.

Encouraging followers of Jesus to enjoy the Father, build others in their faith, and engage in creative, culture-making ministries gets Prof. Schiave out of bed every morning. For 34 years, he has been immersed in church ministry as a youth pastor, college pastor, associate pastor, and lead pastor in seven churches. He has also served as president of a regional association of churches. He teaches at retreats, conferences, and churches throughout the West and has coached varsity football and lacrosse.

When not shepherding at Gateway Church or teaching at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, Prof. Schiave can be found with his wife, Kathy, hiking in the Gorge, watching the waves at the Oregon Coast, or taking in a movie at one of the area theaters. He also enjoys a good plate of pasta, a round of golf and taking his granddaughter, Aubree Dawn, to the mail box.

Advisory Council

Bob Wall served over 35 years in local government. During the span of 1981 until 2001 he was the Fire Chief, first in Palo Alto California and then in the City of Portland Oregon. After his retirement, he was called to serve as Interim Director of Ministries at Cedar Mill Bible Church. Whether directing fire fighters or pastors, there is a common thread connecting his personal life and public service, “How do we, as a society, tolerate unequal opportunity based upon race and gender?”

Bob was raised in a small lumber and agricultural town in Oregon, educated in the early sixties in California as our country struggled with the fundamental values of our civil rights. His career was as much about breaking the barriers to employment opportunities for minority Americans as it was about responding to smoke and fire.

His passion burns even more today, as he longs to see our churches reflect the diversity of our communities. New Wine’s purposes and Bob’s passions are matched when the gospel and the needs of our culture intersect.

Cooky Wall was first born into an extended Greek and French Canadian family in the San Francisco Bay Area of California; and 35 years later, she was reborn into the family of the Creator. In 1994, she and her husband received God’s call to Oregon, and so she retired as a small business owner and public official and left her family and friends. This transition has been huge for her, yet she says God has outwitted her at every turn. He has reignited her heart’s passion for racial healing and reconciliation, and continues to use the experiences He has given her, which include being immersed into the Lakota/Sioux culture on the Rosebud Reservation as well as traveling as the only White woman with a group of Black women to the antebellum South, to shape her perspectives and expand her theological categories. She says it’s pretty clear He has orchestrated this intersection with New Wine New Wineskins. She and her husband, Robert, enjoy every opportunity to “get on the road again” in their RV and spend time with their extended family in California.

Dr. David Stevens has served as Sr. Pastor of Central Bible Church since 2000. Prior to that time he and his family served for fifteen years as missionaries with O.C. International in France where he was involved in leadership training. David is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (1982, Th.M.) and of the Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique near Paris, France (1999, Th.D.). David has a particular burden for both the French speaking world as well as the nurture of multiethnicity in and among local churches. His most recent publication God’s New Humanity: A Biblical Theology of Multiethnicity for the Church (Wipf & Stock, 2012) develops the biblical foundations for diversity-in-unity among God’s people.

David and his wife, Mary Alice, have four children and three grandchildren. Their oldest son, Jonathan, was ushered into his heavenly home in 2004. When David is not writing, preaching, or hanging out with his pastoral staff, you might find him on the ski slope or with his wife in a local coffee shop.

Gloria Young is a child of God, who was blessed to be born to an Africa American mother who is devoted to the Lord. She has two children and a grand-daughter. Gloria has always had a passion for service whether it was helping her mother to take care of her siblings or recognizing the need at an early age to work to support her family and volunteering at the educational institutions she attended. Professionally, working in government, non-profits, and business, Gloria has had an impact. Currently she is actively working in church communities and the wider world. Gloria knows she is blessed more than she ever deserved.

In 1972, Janet moved to San Francisco from South Korea with her parents and two younger sisters. Seven years later, during her junior year at the University of California, Berkeley, she received Jesus as her Savior and Lord. She went on to study pharmacy and to receive her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific, California. She worked as a consultant pharmacist until she was called to serve God. Then, she studied and received her Master of Divinity from Western Seminary. Because of her passion to make disciples of all nations and help leaders reach breakthroughs in their development to make greater contributions in God’s Kingdom, Janet has studied in the areas of “Organic Leadership Development” and “Spiritual Formation” in the Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Throughout her time serving God, she has served in various roles including children’s ministry director, youth pastor, associate and senior pastor, church planter, and non-profit mission organization director. Currently, she is serving at Beaverton Foursquare Church as a pastor of International Ministries, which she pioneered, to embrace, include, and empower people from all nations that God is bringing into our neighborhood and to the doorstep of our church. Janet and her husband Steve have grown-up son and daughter.

Rachel O’Brien Halbach has been with New Wine, New Wineskins in a variety of ways since 2007. Having grown up in the Northwest, the move from Seattle to Portland was an easy one, while the transition into Multnomah Biblical Seminary, and Christian culture, was more difficult. Rachel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, a Graduate Degree in Bible, and a Masters of Arts in Secondary Education. She spent four years working with a small trailer park community in NE Portland and when she married, moved there with her husband. She currently works for a large mentoring organization as a case worker and leads the Teen Ministry and Community Life Team at Irvington Covenant Church. In May 2013, Rachel and Ross welcomed their first child, Luree Marcella to their family. Rachel continues to do social work and now also enjoys sewing without a pattern, updating her blog with both pictures and poems, facilitating inter group dialogues on race and reconciliation at her church, and taking walks through her neighborhood. Though this is Rachel’s final year on New Wine’s Advisory Council she anticipates further growth as she prepares to move to Aberdeen Scotland, where her husband will be completing doctoral work.

Ronn Elzinga earned his Bachelor of Arts from Seattle Pacific University and his Juris Doctorate from Northwestern School of Law. Ronn also has a Master’s Degree and has taught at the high school and college level. Ronn is a member of the Oregon State Bar, the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He is a member of the Multnomah Bar Association and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association. Ronn grew up in California, but now lives Portland, Oregon where he practices law, loves his family and his friends, and tries to be good.

Ross is a part-time accountant at an Japanese outdoor company and a part-time adjunct Theology teacher at the University of Portland. His friends know him as the goofiest theologian in academia. One friend has shared about Ross, ” he is a natural leader, and a hard worker, everything he touches turns into, if not gold, at least titanium.” Ross attended Multnomah Seminary for his Masters of Theology in Theological Studies, and he is currently working on a ThM at Western Seminary. Ross has a passion for community development and spends endless hours studying and discussing theology with his friends and family.

One of the best things about Ross is that he married Rachel. They live together in a mobile home park in North Portland where they love sharing meals of hot Pozole with their neighbors. Ross and Rachel attend Irvington Covenant Church where they lead the youth ministry.

Weston Ruter grew up in the Pacific Northwest and calls it his home, but he basically lives online. He serves on the Advisory Council as an advisor for Web-related things, and heads up development and maintenance of the New Wine website; he’s been heavily involved in web development for the past 10 years. He is interested in using Internet technologies to facilitate the interchange of scriptural data, and so he founded the Open Scriptures project for like-minded people to collaborate; he is excited for how linkages between scriptural data from different faith communities can result in bridges of mutual understanding and respect. Weston and his beautiful wife have been married since 2008 and now have a little boy. He loves public transit, urban cycling, and car-free living in general. Most significantly, he loves the Trinitarian God and is so attracted to Jesus for how he demonstrated God’s love for us.


Matt Farlow and his family reside in Folsom, CA where Matt is the Director and Pastor of Inreach Ministries for Lakeside church. The Farlow4 (Matt, Kristin, Kayla, and Jacob) returned home to California in 2010 after spending 3 ½ years in St Andrews, Scotland where Matt completed a Ph.D. in Theology and Literature at The University of St Andrews. Matt’s doctoral research focused on humanity’s participation in God’s drama of reconciliation. His project investigated God’s imaginative performance in order to make further attempts in realizing the relationship between personhood (being) and how our identity helps to define our role and mission upon the world’s stage.

Before moving to Scotland, Matt completed the Master of Divinity in Theological Studies at Multnomah. While at Multnomah, he also served as Dr. Metzger’s assistant for New Wine and Cultural Encounters. Matt is a proud graduate of UC Davis (Go Ags!) where he wrestled and was blessed to meet his wife. Throughout their years of marriage, Kristin, Matt’s princess, and Matt have experienced the magnificent outpouring of the love of our Triune God. From this outpouring of love, Kristin and Matt have been blessed with two children—Kayla age 12 and Jacob age 10.

Matt loves reading, running, and wrestling—all three being done with the family! Amen Jesus!!

Michael Tso, M. D. serves as the Director of Training at His Mansion Ministries (www.hismansion.com), a Christ-centered residential recovery community in SW New Hampshire. Michael’s connection to New Wine began as a part-time seminary student taking theology classes with Dr. Metzger while working as a family physician and partner at South Tabor Family Physicians, LLP. In 2005, he was asked by Dr. Metzger to serve in the formation of the New Wine Advisory Council and through this service God captured Michael’s heart for “the least of these.” In 2008, Michael and Emily and their four children moved to serve at His Mansion for the purpose of training leaders in the areas of counseling, social work, holistic healing, and pastoral ministry.

Tony “The Beat Poet” Kriz is a teacher/speaker on faith and culture and is Author in Residence at Warner Pacific in Portland, OR. His most recent book is “Neighbors and Wise Men: Sacred Encounters in a Portland Pub and Other Unexpected Places” (Thomas Nelson, 2012). You can find Tony at tonykriz.com or @tonykriz.

Tony Kriz served with a variety of international organizations including Campus Crusade for Christ for twelve years, living the majority of that time in Eastern Europe ministering to Muslims in Albania and the war-torn former Yugoslavia. He also ministered for several years on the radically liberal campus of Reed College in Portland, some of the exploits of which are described in Donald Miller’s best selling book Blue Like Jazz. He received a degree in historical Rhetoric from Oregon State University, a Masters of Divinity with an intercultural emphasis from Multnomah Biblical Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from George Fox University. He regularly teaches classes including The Theology of Culture, Theology of Evangelism and Relational Apologetics. Tony is a frequent speaker at conferences, churches and college campuses across the country. He has been journeying with The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins since its birth. Tony lives with his wife Aimee and their three sons (Malachi (7), Hudson (5) and Tristan (4)) in Portland, Oregon. Together they have been foundational participants of several spiritual communities which serve the disillusioned, artistic and dramatically post-Christian population of East Portland. Currently they are giving much of their time to urban missions: nurturing a monastic network, integrating a holistic gospel-life and serving as coach/consultants for Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) and the Anglican Mission in America (AMIA).


As an Asian American born in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Daniel Somboonsiri had profound experiences of racism and marginalization from a young age. Following his father’s death to cancer, Daniel was brought into an abusive home and eventually spent some time in the foster care system. His was not a home of mentionable faith.

When Daniel was brought to church for the first time in his memory, he had a deeply touching spiritual experience where he felt the love of God for the first time. Though the process of truly turning to the Lord was a long journey, Daniel looks back to that moment as the first time he recognized the existence of a God who loves him and desires to know and be known in intimate relationship.

Daniel became heavily involved in the electronic music scene. Daniel lived missionally as a recording artist and DJ, seeking to share God’s incredible love amongst those seeking peace amid the escape music and drugs provided. However, Daniel himself had not dealt with his own issues, and went through a faith crisis when his suffering seemed to prevent him from finding the peace of Christ.

It makes every difference to Daniel that God is the God of the fatherless, who cares for the orphan and the poor in their distress, who has a special place in his heart for the foreigner and the outcast. Given his upbringing as an immigrant’s son and as a survivor of abuse, Daniel has always struggled to see himself as valued or valuable. This message of the loving and just God who proclaims the value of the marginalized, and indeed himself becomes marginalized and suffers in the incarnation, is nourishment for Daniel’s soul.

As Daniel has been embraced by God and is being transformed by the Spirit, he passionately desires to share God’s love with others and walk with them in God’s beloved community. This has led Daniel and his wife Regi to shared life with the marginalized, particularly with the addicted and homeless. His family fellowships at PDX mission church in a downtown homeless shelter, where Daniel shares the Word of God. His wife Regi is a drug and alcohol counselor that works for the Portland Rescue Mission. They have one daughter, Imogen, to whom Daniel is a stay at home father.

Daniel is a student at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. His academic interests include philosophy of religion, Christian ethics, theology of culture and the Hebrew Scriptures. He is fascinated by how the universal gospel fits into particular cultures.

Though he was born in Portland, Jeremy grew up in Hilo, Hawaii and has lived there all his life. Jeremy will often say that by some strange design he has become who he is. In 2006 he moved from Hawaii to Portland to study at Multnomah University, only returning to Hawaii for Christmas and Summer. A graduate of Multnomah University, Jeremy is currently pursuing a M.A. in Counseling at Multnomah. Jeremy enjoys writing and would love to someday be an author. He also loves to play music and would love to be able to be in a band and tour the world some day (but that is only a dream!) His other hobbies include writing poetry, going to concerts (and moshing), reading theology and American literature and spending time with great friends!

Jeremy’s work with New Wine, New Wineskins is driven by a deep desire to offer hope to the world and invite others to embrace the Kingdom of God. He believes strongly that God is inviting all of us to be a part of His story of reconciliation and redemption of this broken world. Jeremy believes that his calling is to LOVE the world, it’s culture, and it’s people.

Philip Berlin, a native of Northeast Portland, is married to Shonna and has two daughters: 9-year-old Genesis and 4-year-old Micah. Phil is a member of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in North Portland, where he serves as a young adult life group leader, as well as coordinator of the Juniors for Christ program in Children’s Ministry. Academically, he has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Multnomah Bible College, majoring in Pastoral Ministries with a minor in Hebrew. He is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Multnomah Biblical Seminary.