What people are saying about New Wine:

As a new Christian I was, and continue to be, greatly concerned with the church’s engagement of culture.  As we all forge forward in hopes of serving our Lord, I sense a deep need for our ministries and messages to be biblical and relational.  The constant integration of these two factors is at the heart of New Wine, New Wineskins. Though my generation loves to undo what my parents’ generation did, I long for a theology, faith, and life that is not reactionary, but rather responsive to God’s love.  With balanced, biblical teachings New Wine drew me in, as I sensed the community and its theology was what I knew instinctively to be true of God, yet had not seen tangibly.

Rachel O’Brien Halbach
Irvington Covenant Church

I love the work the New Wine is doing to equip people to engage culture for the sake of Jesus. They never back down form the tough topics but always address them with biblical truth in such a way that people better understand both Jesus, themselves, and their neighbor. In today’s world Christians desperately need to know how to navigate their faith in a compelling way. New Wine does a great job at that.

Rick McKinley
Lead Pastor
Imago Dei Community

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, The Message Version). When I think of New Wine, New Wineskins, John’s words come to my mind because New Wine, New Wineskins seeks to move into areas of Portland and beyond with the message of God’s love found in the Living Word, Jesus, and in the written word, the Bible. As a pastor, I appreciate NWNW’s focus on creating opportunities for redemptive dialogue with people in the margins and with those who have chosen a different sacred pathway. And as a pastor, I also consider NWNW a ministry to turn to when I need insight into the many unique textures found in the culture of Portland. I highly endorse the New Wine movement! 

Tom Schiave
Leader Pastor
Gateway Church

When one looks at where the pace is being set regarding cultural engagement, New Wine, New Wineskins is definitely at the forefront of the conversation. Our church has been challenged and impacted by New Wine. It has definitely shaped the way we look at ministry and people.

Mike Stewart
Discovery Fellowship

New Wine is a stirring example of effective and inspirational re-imagining of how to bring evangelical Christianity forward in a changed American culture–how to pull the faith out of the ruts and trenches of the culture wars. If this is what publicly applied Christianity is going to look like more and more in the years to come, expect more non-evangelicals and non-religious people to appreciate what their Jesus-following fellow citizens have to offer, and to recognize opportunities for new alliances and partnerships for the common good.

Tom Krattenmaker
USA Today

My participation in New Wine taught me that to love Jesus is to love the people He loves. As a result of His call, my family left a wonderful home, neighborhood, community, church, and a successful medical practice to serve hurting and broken young men and women at His Mansion Ministries in Deering, New Hampshire. God used New Wine to transform my heart, my relationships, and my life work, and I am ever thankful for my season with Dr. Metzger and all my brothers and sisters at New Wine and Multnomah University.

Michael Tso, M.D.
Director, His Mansion Institute
His Mansion Ministries

New Wine’s events provoke significant thought on key issues in our culture. I always come away challenged to think more deeply and more Christianly. The events dealing with the problems of racialization in our culture and in our churches have been especially helpful, inviting us to move beyond shallow analysis and band-aid solutions. If you want to grapple with tough and insight-yielding questions, come to a New Wine event. You won’t be disappointed.

Nathan A. Baxter, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication Arts
Gordon College

Theology—in order to be biblical theology—must be a living force. New Wine, New Wineskins introduces men and women to real theology by applying it to 21st century culture and to issues Christians often avoid. A drink from a New Wine event will create a thirst for contextualized theology.

Don Brake, Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus
Multnomah Biblical Seminary

As the culture of the church becomes increasingly foreign and, thus, unable to communicate to my community, New Wine, New Wineskins has emerged as a place where I’ve been greatly helped in better communicating the gospel in ways that make sense to my colleagues as well as to my next door neighbors. One of New Wine, New Wineskins’ great strengths is its emphasis on the contextualized integration of our faith and practice in our workplaces and neighborhoods—which is the responsibility of Jesus’ followers faced with the dire needs of the day in our dying communities.

Ronald H. Elzinga
Attorney at Law

The Lord is using New Wine, New Wineskins in a powerful way to call his people to a more holistic, outwardly focused, Christ-like lifestyle. Their emphasis on engaging society in a loving and contextual manner has already been effective in moving many believers out of the four walls of the church and into redemptive relationships with people who would never darken the doorstep of a church building. I know that anyone who attends a New Wine, New Wineskins event will come away better equipped to love and serve people in our society to Christ.

Rex G.
Int'l Community Development Practioner and Consultant

In the spirit of a popular lyric from my era, New Wine, New Wineskins is about ‘taking it to the streets.’ At the New Wine events, my students come with their academic theological paradigms, learned in the classroom, and find themselves immersed in the traffic of culture, where theology has to be more than religious horn honking.

Brad Harper, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology
Multnomah University

New Wine, New Wineskins offers a purposeful tool for all Christians eager to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a world of great challenge and opportunity.

Alan Hotchkiss
National Director of Church Relations
Luis Palau Association

The New Wine, New Wineskins Program offers a refreshingly open forum for dialogue regarding some of the challenging issues of our time. Refusing to fit neatly into stereotypical “liberal” or “conservative” perspectives, Dr. Paul Metzger successfully fosters thoughtful, interdisciplinary conversations on the root causes of poverty, disease, intolerance, and solutions to these social challenges. I applaud New Wine, New Wineskins Seminars for bringing together persons of diverse viewpoints in order to explore new responses to the most serious social issues of our time.

P. Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH
HIV Program Director
Oregon Health & Sciences University

We’re proud to have New Wine, New Wineskins as an integral part of Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Its thought-provoking topics stimulate our thinking and challenge us to put our theology into action so that we can be the transforming light of Christ in our communities.

Daniel Lockwood, Ph.D.
Multnomah University

New Wine, New Wineskins is doing what the church should be leading in, but sadly isn’t. New Wine is reaching out to individuals and communities outside the church, as Jesus did, and is inviting them into a conversation. It’s earning the right to be heard by engaging those who have been for far too long on the periphery. As New Wine does this, it educates and challenges us–the church. It teaches us not to retreat in fear but to advance in love. As someone who grew up in the U.S. half Palestinian, half Costa Rican, and all American, I found myself easily crossing these three cultures and building bridges of respect and understanding–the tools that pave the way for deeper relating and the joy of shared living. As a professional in my field, I do basically the same thing. I cross multiple cultures for the purpose of greater communication. This is also what New Wine does. It crosses the great divisions facing humankind such as race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc., and proclaims–not approval, but acceptance–and a desire to engage. New Wine does it because it is what Jesus did and still wants to do through us–the church.

Seda P. Mansour
Director of International Initiatives
MBA Admissions Office, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Jesus used metaphors of salt and light to describe how his followers are to live in society. New Wine, New Wineskins is leading the charge in a compassionate revolution to live as salt and light in our churches and communities, and is equipping a new wave of leaders to engage our culture redemptively in view of Jesus’ explosive power, compassion, and character. Thank you, Dr. Metzger—my friend and fellow pilgrim—for equipping an army of biblically sound and theologically grounded followers of Jesus who are community-sensitive and culturally connected in order to penetrate our world and society with the transforming truth of the Gospel. For the Christian who longs to make a difference in today’s contemporary culture, I highly recommend attending their cutting edge conferences and subscribing to their journal, Cultural Encounters. Thank you, New Wine, New Wineskins. I stand by your side in this battle, believing we can and will influence our culture for Jesus’ sake.

Ron G. Marlette
Executive Director
Mission Solano

If the Gospel of Jesus is a bridge, New Wine, New Wineskins is scouting the far shore. The importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. Attend one of the conferences and see for yourself.

Donald Miller
Author of Blue Like Jazz

The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins is at the cutting edge of today’s holistic ministry movement. And because it’s connected to a Bible College and Seminary, it’s in a great position to challenge future leaders. I am highly impressed.

Dr. John M. Perkins
John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development

New Wine, New Wineskins challenges the hearts of those who follow Christ. Under the guidance of Dr. Paul Metzger, New Wine’s challenging and eye-opening events prove the point–-it isn’t easy to love our neighbors, especially ‘in Jesus’ name.’ It isn’t easy, but with clarity and verve New Wine, New Wineskins reminds us that it is essential.

Susan K. Slonaker
Executive Director
REACH Ministries

The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins under the leadership of Dr. Paul Metzger is fulfilling its motto of “Bringing Christ to Contemporary Culture.” New Wine, New Wineskins exists to help us engage our multicultural world with the unchanging truths of Scripture without fear or compromise. Through our growing partnership, I have already seen the positive spiritual benefits of sharing our cultural and worldview perspectives between First Nations and non-Native peoples. As our worldview assumptions are challenged in a biblical and Christ-honoring way, we become better equipped to present Christ and his kingdom effectively in a rapidly, radically changing multi-ethnic world. New Wine, New Wineskins is a tremendous resource in the body of Christ.

Richard Twiss
Rosebud Lakota/Sioux Tribe

Wiconi International

Under the leadership of Dr. Paul L. Metzger, this provocative ministry through such forums as “Blue-Eyed” and “Evangelical Environmentalism: Oxymoron or Opportunity” attempts to contextualize Christ’s relevance in contemporary culture. Christians—especially in the academy and institutions of higher learning—must seek to make intellectual musings empirical. Without a doubt, I have found that New Wine, New Wineskins does just that. I am very confident that the message of the Gospel will find its relevance not only in culture, but also in the life of those who are touched by the work of New Wine, New Wineskins.

Emmett C. Wheatfall
Remember the Hope Christian Fellowship

New Wine, New Wineskins offers an important opportunity for the best of social science and theology to come together to address a few of the most vexing issues facing the church in our time. New Wine, New Wineskins helps us worship God with the mind, confronts us with the uncomfortable, and helps us resolve the tensions between Christ and culture. A welcome opportunity for someone like myself, who is dedicated to the Word but is called to the public university and not the pulpit.

Richard L. White, Ph.D.
Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
Portland State University